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Upcoming Meeting Agenda

Perry Township Board of Supervisors                                         

May 11, 2023 Regular Meeting Agenda                       

All Township Meetings are recorded


Call to Order and the Pledge of Allegiance


Supervisors in Attendance: John Zias            Tim Boots       James Radich             

Other Officials in Attendance:   Solicitor:      Thomas Smith; Secretary/Treasurer:  Brandie Massioni           

_____ motioned and _____ second to accept the meeting agenda. Motion: passed / failed

Number of Visitors in attendance:                            


Visitors Comment Period:




May 11, 2023 meetings minutes. Additions or corrections.             _____Motioned and ____ second to             accept the minutes of the April 13, 2023 meeting. Vote:   ____Z ____B ___R   Motion: passed /             failed.


Financial Report: ______ motioned and ______ second to accept the financial report and pay the bills.

Vote:   _____Z _____B _____R      Motion: passed / failed.


Roadmaster Report: distributed;

Permit Applications:    Driveway Permit:

Building Permit:

Non-building:  Demolition Permit: Scott DiFrischia-Trailer Removal.



  1. ______ motioned and ______ second to move forward with previous discussion about

the building of a garage building behind the township building.

Vote:   _____Z _____B _____R      Motion: passed / failed.




  1. The Township Office will be closed on Tuesday May 16, 2023 for the Primary Election Day.



  1. Discussion about several complaints being made about clarification on the

adopted Tall Grass and Weed Ordinance 4-13-23.



  1. Junk Yard Permits were sent out in the mail last week on 5/4/23 for

Re-application of the upcoming year; July 2023-June 2024.





Other Business for meeting – will need a motion to add to the agenda before discussion.


______ motioned and ______ second to adjourn the meeting. Motion:  passed / failed