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Upcoming Meeting Agenda



All Township Meetings are recorded


SUPERVISORS IN ATTENDANCE: John Zias:         Tim Boots:       James Radich:   

OTHER OFFICIALS IN ATTENDANCE: Solicitor: Thomas Smith; Secretary: Brandie Massioni             

NUMBER OF VISITORS IN ATTENDANCE:                                 



______ Nominated/motioned and ______ second for __________to be temporary chairman.

Vote: _____Z_____B_____R    Motion: passed / failed



_______ Nominated/motioned and _______ second for _______ to be temporary Secretary.

Vote: _____Z_____B_____R    Motion: passed / failed



MEETING AGENDAS APPROVAL: _____ motioned and _____ second to accept the agendas for the meetings. Vote: _____Z_____B_____R Motion:  passed/failed


PUBLIC COMMENT / AGENDA COMMENT PERIOD/ (on both meetings agendas)



________ Nominated/motioned and _______ second for _________to be Chairman of the Board.

Vote: _____Z_____B_____R   Motion: passed / failed



_______Nominated/motioned and ______ second for __________ to be Vice-Chairman of the Board.

Vote: _____Z_____B_____R   Motion: passed / failed



_______ Motioned and ________ second to appoint ________________ as Secretary/Treasurer.

Vote on motion _____Z_____B_____R   Motion: passed / failed



______ Motioned and ______ second to appoint __________________ as Roadmaster.

Vote:_____Z_____B_____R   Motion: passed / failed



______ Motioned and ______ second to appoint __________________ as Road Foreman.

Vote:_____Z_____B_____R   Motion: passed / failed




______Motioned and ______ second to pass Section A: Perry Township Appointments and Compensations as listed:  Vote: _____Z_____B_____R Motion: Passed / Failed



Vacancy Board Member: _________________ as the vacancy board member.

Township Solicitor: Atty. (Thomas Smith) _______is the township solicitor at the rate per 11/30/22 fee schedule.





Township Building Permit Officer for Non-UCC and Planning Process: (Tim Boots) ______ as the township Non-UCC Building permit officer.  The Job duties to include: verification of septic/planning requirements prior to permit being issued for ALL building permits (Non-UCC and UCC applications); review and completion of application, verification of the site location and size, need for flood zone requirements, completion and verification of all storm water ordinance compliance forms, issuance of the “begin construction permit” and the issuance of the “occupancy permit” upon the completion of the final inspection of the construction. The building permit officer shall also determine the requirements for all demolition applications.

UCC Building Construction Inspections: (CODE.sys) _______to be the inspection company for all state required UCC construction inspections.

Stormwater Ordinance Exemptions officers: (Tim Boots) ____ to be the Stormwater Ordinance Exemption officer and (James Radich) _______ to be the alternate.

Flood Plain Administrator: Tim Boots to be the Flood Plain Ordinance Administrator.

Sewage Enforcement Officer and Alternate Resolution: To pass Resolution 1-3-23-1 appointing (Doug Duncan) _____as the Sewage Enforcement Officer (Doug Duncan-03657) and (David Ice) ______as the Alternate Sewage Enforcement Officer (David Ice-02523).

Driveway permit officer: (Tim Boots) ______ to be the driveway, excessive road use, road occupancy/opening and road bond permit officer. Job duties to include review applications and do verification of site location with determination of type of entrance onto the township road before construction begins, photograph or video all roads involved in any bonding, and inspection of completed construction/use, issuance of the “begin construction permit and the occupancy permits following the final inspection with notices and copies to Secretary of approval to refund deposit.

Emergency Management Coordinator: Joshua Ottaviani to continue as the emergency management coordinator for Perry Township.

****Agricultural security committee member: (John Zias) ______to be the Supervisor board member of the Agricultural Security Committee Board members are: John Zias, Michael Sinclair, Delvy McElwain, David Weller and Thad Sturgeon.

Earned Income Tax Collection Committee delegate and alternates: (Tim Boots) _____to be the Delegate and (James Radich) ________to be the Alternate Delegate for the Earned Income Tax Collection Committee.

Local Services Tax (LST) Hearing Officer: (Tim Boots) ______to be the LST hearing officer per the regulations of the Earned Income Tax Act 50. This person is to receive and make determinations on appeals. They would then contact the county tax collection committee Appeals Board to have a determination of the tax officer relating to the assessment, collection, refund, withholding, remittance or distribution of earned income taxes.

External Audit:  The firm of Herrmann and Loll, Inc. to complete the 2022 financial audit for Perry Township per the action taken at the November meeting.

Right to Know Officer: (Brandie Massioni), _______, Secretary/Treasurer to be the Right to Know Officer.

PA One Call contact and alternate contact: (John Zias) _______to be the PA One Call contact and (Tim Boots) ______ be the alternate contact and (James Radich). ________ to be the second alternate

PA State Convention: The supervisors, secretary/treasurer, laborers, and roadmaster eligible to attend the state convention and be reimbursed for registration, mileage, tolls, food and lodging with approval by two Supervisors prior to submission of registration.

Township Engineer: (F. B. Taylor Engineering) _________________ to be the township engineer.

Voting Delegate: (Tim Boots) ___________ to be the voting delegate and (James Radich)  _____________ to be the alternate voting delegate and (Brandie Massioni) _________ to be the second alternate delegate for the Lawrence County Associations and (Brandie Massioni) __________to be the voting delegate for the PSATS state convention.

CDL Enforcement: (John Zias) ______________ to be the designated person to enforce the CDL Regulations.

Mileage and meeting reimbursement: To pay the mileage reimbursement at $    .62.5       per mile, as set by the IRS: for elected officials, employees, permit officers, and appointed officials for official township business: meetings, training, seminars, workshops, and conventions, travel for equipment/building and office items, and permit officers in representation of the township.

Reimbursement for meeting/seminar expense: To pay/reimburse for meeting expense

for the supervisors, secretary/treasurer, auditors, tax collectors, and road laborers as a representative of Perry Township for attending any meeting/seminar, provided prior approval from two supervisors is received.


______motioned and ______ second to pass Section B: Perry Township Employees and Compensations as listed:  Vote: _____Z_____B_____R Motion: Passed / Failed



Road Laborers-Full Time/Part Time: Larry Houk and Keven Burgess as full time road laborers without a CDL at ($16.00) $____ per hour. Full time road laborer with CDL, Bryan Czerpak, ($18.00) $______. Full time employees will follow the full time laborer job description. Recommending that the Auditors to set the road laborer pay for a part time working Supervisor to be set at ($16.00) $________.

Full time employees to be reimbursed for up to a total of $1150.00 $_______: per year for any medical/dental deductible/expense paid (proof of payment must be received in order to be reimbursed).

Full time employees are eligible for paid vacation time and personal days as described under the section: “Paid vacation and personal days”.

Part time employees are to be designated and called out as needed at ($13.00) $_____ per hour and will follow the part time laborer job description.

Disability Insurance: Full time employees shall be enrolled in a disability/life insurance policy through the township: (to include Keven Burgess, Bryan Czerpak and Larry Houk) (secretary?).

CHANGE for next one————Pension Fund: Following the completion of the probationary period, full time road laborers including Larry Houk, and Bryan Czerpak, Keven Burgess are to receive a township contribution into a Pension Plan of their choice. A set up contribution by the township in the amount of $1800 for each (new) employee township shall be contributed for their IRA. For each year thereafter the township shall make a contribution for each employees IRA plan in the amount of $500 in January and $500 in June. The township will make an additional donation up to $800 annually to match the employee’s contribution into their IRA plan.

Incentive Pay: Each full time road laborer is to be paid an incentive pay raise twice a year: $1,000 in June and $1,000 in December and the Secretary/Treasurer is to be paid the incentive pay: $500 in June and $500 in December. The employee must still be employed to receive the incentive pay.

Road Laborers Boot Expense-Full Time Reimbursement: Full time road laborers are eligible for reimbursement for up to $250.00 per year for the purchase of work shoes after probationary period is reached and with proof of purchase submitted to the Secretary ( L. Houk, B. Czerpak, K. Burgess).

Roadmaster Pay: Set the Roadmaster-Supervisor and non-Supervisor pay at ($17.00) $_______ per hour and to recommend that the Auditors set the Supervisor Roadmaster pay at ($17.00) _____per hour. To be confirmed at the Auditor reorganization meeting.

Road Foreman Pay: Set the appointed Road Foreman pay at ($20.00) $_______ per hour.

Supervisor pay is set by the state per the township ordinance # 1 of 1995: $468.75 per quarter – recommend to the Auditors to approve.

Secretary/Treasurer Pay: To set the Secretary/Treasurer pay at ($1,600.00) $________ per month for office hours plus regular and special meetings and time conducting official township business and that the Secretary/Treasurer have (eight)                  personal days. Supervisors may approve unused personal days to be carried over to the next year.

Full Time Laborer Paid vacation and personal days: Two week paid vacation after 6 months employment; and five personal days after 30 days of employment. The vacation and personal day’s allotment to be utilized within the said year of qualifying term. Vacation time is to equal the number of hours for a two 40-hour weeks or 80 hours total. Personal days/time are to equal a total of 40 hours. Un-used vacation and personal time will be not be carried over to the next year with the time not used paid to the employees.

Paid holidays: Nine paid holidays: New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, the first Monday following Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day plus the day before or following (2 days total).

Holidays worked will be holiday pay (regular pay) plus time and half for the hours worked. In the event a holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the employees shall have the government observed day off for that holiday. The road laborer employees may “switch” a “holiday” day for another day with approval from the Roadmaster which will result in the official “holiday” being at the regular pay rate.



______motioned and ______ second to pass Section C: Perry Township Fees and Permits as listed:  Vote: _____Z_____B_____R Motion: Passed / Failed



Building permit process: No building permit application for construction involving sewage/water is to be given out until approval is given by the Supervisor Building Permit Officer and the Township Sewage Enforcement Officer. In the event of construction involving sewage/water where there is service by the Perry Township Municipal Authority, approval from the Authority must be received for tap-in prior to issuance of permit. Any Subdivision/Planning procedures will be completed by Lawrence County Planning Dept., the Supervisor Building Permit Officer assisted by the Township Sewage Enforcement Officer. Applicant will have five years to begin – if inactive for 180 days, permit becomes invalid.  All fees for the application must be submitted when the applications are submitted to the township. In the event of repeat violators not getting building permits prior to beginning and or completing construction, an additional fee of $25.00 will be added to the cost of the permit. Any applicant/resident who is or was a veteran will receive a $25.00 discount off the permit fee.

Non-UCC building permits: To charge the following for Non-UCC building permits (residential only): a base fee of $50.00 plus an additional fee of $.10 per square foot for new construction, additions, renovations, etc. for 1000 square feet or less or agricultural construction. Repairs shall pay the $50 base fee but be exempt from the cost per square foot.

All commercial, residential and agricultural structures over 2500 square feet must comply with the Stormwater Regulations – payment must be paid to the township for any expense for the compliance review of the Stormwater ordinance by the township engineer.

UCC building permits: Residential: To obtain an application the applicant will be charged the 2023 Code.sys fee rate for inspections: must pay a minimum of $150.00 construction fee: $50.00 township fee, $.18 per square foot, planning review Fee-$100.00 each for electrical, plumbing, mechanical, State training fee of $4.50 per each type of permit (electric, mechanical, plumbing, construction), pools are an additional $125.00 for above-ground and $160 for in-ground or per CODE.sys fee schedule. All commercial, residential and agricultural structures over 2,500 square feet must comply with the Stormwater Regulations- payment must be paid to the township for any expense for the compliance review of the Stormwater ordinance by the township engineer.

Commercial: To obtain application, must pay a minimum fees for $400 Code.sys, $125 planning review fee, $50 Township, Plus $.33 per square foot – Code.sys. Fees and $4.50 for each type of permit (electric, mechanical, plumbing, construction) plus any additional fees charged by Code.sys. All commercial, residential and agricultural structures over 2,500 square feet must comply with the Stormwater Regulations- payment must be paid to the township for any expense for the compliance review of the Stormwater ordinance by the township engineer.

Additional fees may be required for both residential and commercial permits, depending on the magnitude of the construction project. These additional fees must be submitted to the township prior to the applicant receiving the permits to begin construction.

Stormwater Permit Fees: Residential and agricultural applications of less than 2,500 square feet that qualify for exemptions will have no fees. All residential, agricultural and commercial 2,500 square feet and over must complete and submit an agreement through the township with the application fee of $1,500. Any additional fees for the township engineer to process the stormwater permit must be paid to the township prior to receiving the permit to proceed with construction.

Demolition permits: The Township requires demolition permits for the demolition/removal of any structure in Perry Township. No fee will be charged for vacant residential structures under 1000 square feet. A minimum fee of $150.00 will be charged for all structures over 1000 square feet and all commercial structures and will be submitted to CODE.sys for action – additional fees will be according to the Code.sys rates. No fees shall be charged for agricultural structures, but a permit is required.

Mobile Home removal: Prior to removal of a mobile home, a certificate must be received from the Lawrence County Tax Bureau that proves all taxes have been paid; the certificate is to be presented to the Perry Township Tax Collector who will issue a certificate that the removal can begin. A copy of the removal certificate is to be submitted to the township office and a township demolition application must be completed prior to removal of the trailer.

Road opening, crossing, occupancy permits, Fees will follow the State Highway Occupancy Permit regulations. All road openings must follow the Perry Township Guidelines under the supervision of the township Roadmaster.

Driveway/road opening permits: To charge the following for driveway permits: $300 deposit – (to be returned after final approved inspection) plus $40.00 permit fee; Lanes may not have more than three homes located on the lane

Resolution Road Bond Fees:  Fees will follow the Resolution 1-6-14-2 Setting of the Road Bond requirements for Perry Township roads. The fee of $12,500 paved and $6,000 un-paved road bond per mile for road to be bonded with distances less than one mile to be charged the one-mile rate of $12,500. An additional bond will be required and set to reflect the replacement cost per traveled bridge located on the bonded road/roads.

Culvert replacement: To charge $100.00 fee with no deposit required for culvert replacement and to require driveway culverts to be open-grated or per the specifications of the Driveway Permit Officer.

Sewage Enforcement Fees: Adoption of the 2023 SEO fee schedule for sewage enforcement by the sewage enforcement officer(s). To collect a fee of 15% township-processing fee for all SEO fees and fees for basic SEO work plus additional cost for other testing as needed. Commercial rate to be set by the SEO. Fees for all applications: regular (new), repairs, etc. and any additional fees charged for any additional work by SEO is to be paid to the township prior to the additional work being competed. 

Sewage Permits: good for three years after testing is completed and the permit is issued, six years after initial application is picked up – after such time the application is voided. Any SEO work that is competed after the original year of when the application was paid for, will be required to pay the additional fees that are represented by the current year rates.

Septic Agreements: Fees are (3,000) $________ and are to be deposited into an interest bearing escrow account that is designated for the property Tax ID number.

Sewage Complaint Fee: To charge a one-time fee of $50.00 for complaints involving the Sewage Enforcement Officer with the fee to be returned if the complaint is found to be valid.

No lien letter fee: To charge a fee of $15.00 for no-lien letters.

Solicitation Fees: The fee for Solicitation Permits is set at $50.00 per permit/per each individual – must comply with regulations set forth by the Supervisors/ordinance.

Junkyard/Junk Dealer’s permits/renewals: $300.00 per year and per new and renewal applications for junkyard/junk dealer’s permits.  Each permit is pending compliance with the junkyard/junk dealer’s ordinance and must comply throughout the permitted year. Failure to complete the renewal process in time will result in the dealer re-applying for a “New Application – Permit” under the new regulations/ordinance.

Clean-up Day Fees: Charge for Clean-up Day – $ 10.00 per pick-up or automobile load; $50.00 for other large loads – no tractor trailers, etc.

Permit Time limit: Time limit for permits as follows: Road Bond – 1 year or as per bond time allotment; Building permit – For Township permits-5 years to begin construction and 2 years to complete after the construction has begun (in the event of the completion not being done in the time limit, the applicant shall need to apply for an extension of the permit at the rate of ($50) $__________; For UCC permits-as per set by the Inspection Company; Driveway permit – 6 months to begin and complete; Junkyard permit – 1 year; Solicitation permit-1 year; Septic permit-per DEP regulations.



______motioned and ______ second to pass Section D: Perry Township Listing of General Information as:  Vote: _____Z_____B_____R Motion: Passed / Failed



            Supervisors (6 yr. terms): Timothy Boots-term expires 2026; James Radich-term expires 2024; John Zias-term expires 2028;


            Township Tax Collector: Township Tax Collector is Janice Marshall – term-4 yr. term expires 2026, and she is to be paid 6% of the collected township taxes.

Tax Collection location is at the Perry Township Municipal Building Monday-Tuesday, 8-1:00 p.m. and other times by appointment.

Deputy Tax Collector: Jodi Rock as the Deputy Tax Collector for the current term of the currect Tax Collector; Janice Marshall.

Auditors: Teresa Sinclair is the four-year auditor-term expiring 2026; Walter Bates is the two year auditor-term expiring 2024, the six year auditor-term expiring 2028 is vacant – need to appoint someone. Their pay is set by the State at $10.00 per hour/maximum of $1,000.

_____ motioned and _____ second to appoint __________________ as Auditor until the next municipal election.

Township Constable: None at the present time

Local Tax Collection: Berkheimer Tax Service is the collection agency for the Earned Income and LST taxes and Perry Township Per Capita at $5.00 per resident 18 and older.

CDL Drug Testing:  On Demand-Site Testing

Perry Township Municipal Authority: The Five year – board members and their appointed terms are: Terms ending on: Ron Miller-12/31/2027; Lynn LeViere-12/31/2026; Brian Bush-12/31/2025; Tom Hines-12/31/24; Ron Cowan-12/31/2023.

Insurance Carriers: Kilmer Insurance Group-EMC, SWIF, Guardian, UPMC,

Fire Protection: Wurtemburg-Perry Twp. Volunteer Fire Department

Meeting day/time, place and office hours: Day/Time/Place of meetings: Meetings to be held on the second Thursday of each month at (4:00 p.m.)               at the municipal building and the office hours are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

2023 Tax rate for Perry Township: The tax mills are set at 1.79 for general purposes; .29 mills for water; and $.48 for developed and $.12 for undeveloped road frontage for street light and .50 mills for fire apparatus. 2023 Per Capita rate is $5.00 per resident 18 and over. (this is in addition to the school per capita tax)

Job descriptions: Approved the current job descriptions for the 2022-year including full time laborer, part time laborer, roadmaster, secretary and treasurer (each has a 90 day probationary period)

 Bank of deposit: WesBanco Bank and First National Bank are the Perry Township banks of deposit.

Treasurer bond: To set the treasurer’s bond at $200,000; the tax collectors bond is held through the Ellwood City Area School District.

Cleaning Person: Approved for _____________ to be the cleaning person for the municipal building office area at the rate of $50.00 per month.





















Agenda for the Perry Township Regular Meeting January 3, 2023


Chairman John Zias called the Regular meeting to order.

Minutes of last meeting: ______motioned and ______ second to accept the minutes of the December 8, 2022 regular meeting.  Vote: _____Z_____B_____R Motion: passed / failed

Financial Report and payment of bills: ______ motioned and ______ second to accept the financial report and pay the bills. Vote: _____Z_____B____R Motion: passed / failed

Roadmasters report


  1. Co-Star Salt contract for 2023-24 – to stay with Co-Stars salt contract, the contract opens for 2023-2024 the beginning of January and will possibly be due around middle of March 2023?   _____ motioned and _____ second.

Vote: _____Z_____B_____R   Motion: passed/failed


  1. ______ motioned and ______ second to have the secretary and roadmaster determine the summer bidding products with quantities and to approve the advertisement of the bids.

Vote: _____Z_____B_____R   Motion: passed / failed


  1. Request for the Perry Township Municipal Authority continue to furnish proof of workers’ compensation and liability coverage for the Authority every January and confirmation that proper training is being provided for confined space training.


Status: Purchase of the 2023-24 F-550 truck

Status: Grant for the demolition of house at 710 Tara Drive

Status: Sale of International Truck (to do in early spring)

Status: Upgrade of heating system and air conditioner for office/meeting area and heater for VFD garage area

Status: New Building in back area for equipment

Status: New lighting for current shop out back

***** Those in attendance were reminded that this meeting would be the only meeting in January and that the Auditors reorganization meeting will be January 7th at 9:00 a.m. and will be held at the municipal building.


___________ motioned to adjourn, ___________ second. Motion passed / failed