Township Officials


John Zias, Chairman 724-944-5691
Timothy Boots, Vice-Chairman 724-944-5692
James Radich 724-944-5690

Janice Marshall 724-368-8230
Timothy Boots 724-944-5692
Township Tax Collector
Dorothy Wallace 724-368-8489
Earned Income Tax Collector
Berkheimer Tax Administrator 610-599-3139
Driveway Permit Officer
Timothy Boots 724-944-5692
Non-UCC Building Permit Officer
Timothy Boots 724-944-5692
UCC Building Permit Inspector
CODE.sys 877-821-0337 ext. 15
Sewage Enforcement Officer
Doug Duncan 724-679-4860
David Ice 724-894-2302
Subdivision/Land Development
Lawrence County Planning Office 724-656-2144
(Perry Township has no Zoning)
Solicitor Atty.
Gregory Fox
Right to Know Officer
Janice Marshall 724-368-8230
Road Employees
Larry Houk, Sr., Glenn Czerpak, & Roy Jenkins
Walter Bates, Teresa Sinclair, Jodi Rock
F. B. Taylor Engineering 724-654-6141
Vacancy Board
William Matheny
Emergency Management Coord
Janice Marshall
PA One Call Coordinator

John Zias
Perry Township Municipal Auth.

Lynn LeViere, Chairman, 724-498-6379

Brian Bush, Vice Chairman 724-333-4114

Mailing Address:
434 Portersville Road, Ellwood City, PA 16117

Fire Protection

Wurtemburg-Perry TWP VFD 724-758-9126 / Hall

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 469, Ellwood City, PA 16117

Physical address:
425 Portersville Road, Ellwood City, PA 16117

Call 911 for Emergencies

Ellwood City Area School District
Lincoln High School 724-752-1591
Perry Elementary School 724-758-9458

Perry Township has no Police Department -
Call 911 for the State Police

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